Stop the Corporate Take-Over of the Home Growers Industry

House Bills 5300-5302 would absolutely destroy the ability of independent growers and caregivers to provide for patients in Michigan.

Under the bill, independent growers would be able to provide cannabis to no more than one patient (the current limit is five).

Then it would create an expansive, comprehensive regime of licensing and regulation for large corporations to grow in bulk and distribute, effectively creating an oligopoly of big corporations that individuals could not compete with.

This legislation is being pushed by these same massive corporate interests – and can only be stopped with massive public outcry.

Sign the petition below to contact your lawmakers immediately and tell them to oppose House Bills 5300 - 5302.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, hereby call upon our lawmakers to oppose House Bills 5300 through 5302, which would destroy the livelihoods of thousands of independent growers and caregivers across Michigan and replace the industry they fought for decades to bring out of the shadows.

In their place it would create a corporate oligopoly, protected from competition by an expansive, expensive, and intrusive regime of licensing and regulation.

The "Big Weed" cartel this legislation would create would wield undue influence in Lansing to further starve out the thousands of independent caregivers, monopolize the distribution of medical cannabis, and drive up consumer prices.

The people of Michigan have voted twice to decriminalize cannabis, first for medicinal purposes and then for any purpose the user sees fit.

House Bills 5300 - 5302 would subvert the will of the voters, force thousands of caregivers and patients back into the shadows, and create a dangerous new corporate cartel with unchecked lobbying influence.

As your constituents, we call upon you to vote NO on these bills and do everything to oppose their passage.

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